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A whale of a shooting package in Wroclaw for a whale of an stag/company event – prepare to blow your mind.

Included in the package are 90 shots from 9 types of firearms per person: 10 x 9mm Glock, 10 x 7.62 mm TT pistol, 10 x P99 Walther pistol, 10 x HK USP pistol, 10 x HK MP-5 22LR, 10 x CZ 7.62 mm rifle, 10 x HK 416 22LR machine gun, 10 x AK-47 Kalashnikov machine gun and 10 x Mosin Nagant machine gun.

Add to that – assistance of licensed instructors, a short briefing on handling firearms and safety rules, all necessary equipment, medals for the best shooters, transportation and a friendly event coordinator.

Transportation includes pickup and drop-off in Wrocław (outside of the city we charge extra).
After the shooting, we recommend our catering services or a barbecue – check off chosen extras below.

If 90 shots is too much for you check out smaller packages: BASIC and AK-47 KALASHNIKOV.

Price includes

  • transportation
  • rental of shooting range in Wroclaw
  • 90 shots from 9 types of firearms
  • all necessary equipment – ear muffs and safety glasses
  • professional instructors
  • shooting competition
  • medals and memorial targets
  • event coordinator

Extras (optional)

100 PLN/person
min. 10 people

For the famished participants of your exciting event - the best catering services in town. The price is arranged with the menu.

60 PLN/person
min. 8 people

No waiting in lines. VIP entrance passes + lounge reservation + beer/welcome drink/shot for everyone in a top, safe, centrally located gogo bar.  An English speaking female guide will escort you there. 

590 PLN/extra

Our playboy-style stripper(s) will hop on the bus/limo to give you an extraordinary show (circa 15 mins - 3 songs).  Top quality! Guaranteed.

99 PLN/person
min. 8 people
Sausage, choice of meat cuts, bread, pickles ketchup, mustard + 2 beers to wash it all down.

69 PLN/person
min. 10 people
Club entry fee, table reservation, welcome drink + guide.

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