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About Us - Spicy DMC in Poland

We are the spiciest Destination Management Company (DMC) in Poland to book a company event with. If You're looking for museum trips, company alcohol-free picnics and City Tours, keep looking. We do not do that. Our areas of expertise are clubbing, nightlife tours, custom-made company activities, Party Buses, Hummer Limousine Transfers spiced up with strippers and booze.  So You can feel like it's a stag weekend, and not a company trip. All that with a proper VAT invoice - fully TAX deductible. Since 2006 we have worked in 4 major polish cities - Warsaw ( Warszawa), Gdansk, Cracow ( Krakow) and Wroclaw as a main supplier for large international stag weekend, event and team-building companies who were selling our activities with their profit margin on it. Here, you book direct, save up to 70% and receive exactly the same high quality service with a different leaflet upon arrival. You can book hotels direct too - why overpay?

Enjoy the party. Hassle-free.

 Sven Koeningsenn, Managing Director

Company Events in Poland. How to organize a cool corporate trip to Poland ?

How to organize a cool corporate trip to Poland ?​

1. Flight

The more flexible you are with the dates, the better flight deal you will get. There's normally a very big number of deals to Poland from Great Britain, Norway, Denmark etc. Here's a few must-see websites of airlines that fly:
Flying to Warsaw/Warszawa: (WAW) ( WAW) ( WAW) (WMI)

Flying to Krakow/ Gdansk / Wroclaw:  (KRK/ KAT/GDA/WRO)   (KRK/ KAT/GDA/WRO) (KRK/GDA/WRO) (KRK/ KAT/GDA/WRO)

2. From airport to hotel
Just like Krakow, Warsaw has two airports - Warsaw Chopin (WAW) and Warsaw Modlin (WMI) - The latter is quite remote - over an hour drive from Warszawa city centre.
In case of any polish airport, beware of tourist traps - unauthorized taxi services and unfair taxi who would still sometimes charge foreigners 10 times more than they should, taking them for a loooong drive or give change in 'old' polish currency. 
If you like it hassle-free, book one of our certified airport transfers - (e.g minibus, hummer long-stretch limo, party minibus, party bus etc.) with fixed prices to any hotel. Add sexy 'onboard entertainment' or alcohol package and make your arrival completely stress free. Our english speaking guide will be waitng inside arrivals hall with a sign with your name ( or something funny ) on it. Inform us via SMS about delay to reschedule the transfer for later hour. Hassle-free.

3. Hotels
Hotels in Poland (especially Warsaw) are known for extremely high standard for relatively low prices. Most 3-star hotels are far better than Egyptian 5-stars. Still, with bargain prices, most of our guests prefer to stay in 4 or 5-star hotels that offer exceptional value for money. Why overpay with middle men? Click 'Hotels' in the menu above and book your hotel directly. It's a free service by ( local cheaper version of 

Choose Destination

Where do You want to organize your event/ book a spicy airport transfer?

Warsaw Krakow Wroclaw Gdansk/Sopot

Choose Activities

Book one, a few or a ready-made discounted package. VIP GoGo Packages, Strip Hummer Limo Transfers, Party Bus, shooting, rafting... You name it, we have it.

Pre-book the date.

Pre-book the event today, no obligation, no small print and no deposit to book. Have a few days to talk it through and decide. Then Confirm or Cancel.

Meet our Team


Cheerful, energetic person who loves world famous polish apples, Karolina will make sure that Your event will be fruitful. She loves to have fun, meeting new people and dancing.



She definitely is a little bit crazy, but we still keep her for crazy clients. Natalia cracks nuts like a squirrel and loves her newest mobile.



Positively balanced, outgoing and full of charm, Karolina likes to spend time actively and is not very fond of routine. Specialist on Warsaw's top clubs


Maciek likes the sun, cooking and traveling. He thinks that the most important is good motivation in everything you do for yourself and others. She sings in choir and likes to get wasted with coke zero from time to time.


He is a very fundamental person - he isn't drinking when he is sober in principle and he always starts and finish the day in the bed. He is interested in sport and travels. A trip to Wałbrzych is his greatest dream:)


Concrete, responsible, who becomes the soul of the party in good group of people. He loves sports and travel, and his passion is climbing and volleyball.


Equipped with a beautiful face and elegant manners, Ania will spread her positive vibes all over our group. Ania likes scrambled eggs and borscht, especially at 5 in the morning.



She knows everything about Warsaw clubs and always carries the party mood in her pocket. Just relax and be sure that the event will be successful.


She is a veteran in the company, always smiling and extremely engulfed. Kasia deals with everyone and everything. In free time she does some modeling.


Don't let Justyna’s beauty fool you. She is a real woman-warrior. She loves working with people and is not afraid to discuss even the most private topics.


A positively twisted, crazy traveller, Kamila is a lover of all kinds of adventures and expeditions.


Basia is a talented beast who finds a way out of any hard situation. She loves popcorn and spanish even though she isn’t able to say much in the language yet.



Karolina is a company's true asset in Krakow. Easy to get around and whole lotta fun to party with. She likes the good old rock'n'roll. And tequila...


She is thinking for two, working for three, and eating for half. A perfect employee, Ewa is always full of enthusiasm, oves donuts with custard and hot summer afternoons.


She is an optimist and excellent dancer. Lena is an independent girl who loves her dog the most. Privately a big fan of whole foods.


A lover of mountains and spending time actively. She loves to change people for better, using her natural bright smile.



Karolina is a huge fan of city breaks. A specialist on Wroclaw nightlife, often spends weekends in our other cities too. 


Sandra is a true chameleon- a real woman. Always on the run. She loves tattoos and powerful look.


She is cracking jokes like Jim Carey in "Dumb and Dumber", likes coke zero and sleepwalking in Gdansk central park.


You will hear her from way afar as Izabela likes those high heels as much as wheat beer. Alertful as a fox, there is no option that somebody will get lost.


Still waters run deep, you never know what awaits you with Kaja. Lover of braids and Heroes Might.


A keen sportswoman in the morning, Marta just cannot resist high heels in the evening. Beautiful Marta is the centre of attraction of every party.



She's a party animal. Always cheerful. Knows everything and everybody. Surely, a great addition to your party weekend.

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