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Best indoor shooting range in Warsaw. Hotel pickup. Friendy english speaking guides..the only hassle-free shooting in Warsaw.   Learn to handle live- ammo firearms and test your concentration and accuracy. Transportation within Warsaw’s city limits is included in the package, while transportation outside of the city will be charged extra.

First things first – you will start with a detailed briefing on handling firearms conducted by military instructors. This completed, you will then go to the shooting stalls where each participant will take 44 shots with 4 types of firearms: Glock 9 mm, the legendary gun of the special forces – 15 shots, 5.6 mm sports gun – 10 shots, Glauberyt/RAK machine gun used by Police assault forces – 15 shots, military pump-action shotgun – 4 shots.

You will get full shooting gear (ear muffs, glasses, safety shields, targets) and in the end, 3 best shooters will receive memorial medals.

At the very end, we have prepared a surprise for the 2 best shooters – they will get an opportunity to shoot from a sniper rifle with a scope.

Shooting is a very popular activity so book it as soon as possible. Check out also our SHOOTING BASIC PACKAGE and AK-47 KALASHNIKOV SHOOTING PACKAGE.

Price includes

  • transportation with a comfortable mini bus
  • rental of shooting range in Warsaw
  • 44 shots from 4 types of firearms per person
  • necessary equipment – each muffs, glasses, targets
  • detailed briefing led by experienced instructors
  • shooting championship
  • memorial targets
  • medal ceremony
  • friendly female guide

Extras (optional)

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