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Bratislava Stag Do

Organizing a Stag Do in Bratislava? Avoid Middleman and pay less for your Bratislava stag activities. STAG GOES FREE (12+). Lowest Price Guarantee, E.U. law coverage, safe payments, small deposits and no small print. Organize a legendary Bratislava stag weekend direct with a top-rated (Trustpilot), experienced (est. 2006) local organiser - the direct source of legendary stag activities in Bratislava.
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    STEAK AND STRIP - Bratislava

    • Hotel pick up
    • Friendly local guide
    • Table reservation in a central Bratislava restaurant
    • Rib-eye steak & chips
    • 2 beers each
    • Strip show in a private VIP room
    • Max 28 people
Looking for a cool destination for an epic stag do? And it has to be top-of-the-top because it’s your best mate getting married? The waves of the internet have sailed you to the right shore – we will help you organize that do A to Z and it will be legend!
Bratislava? Is it that small sister of Prague? Well – no and no. It is neither small nor a sister to anything – Bratislava is a gem on the river Danube where you can come with your mates to have a blast! Indeed, it is not as well-known as other capital cities of Easter Europe but as a city hardly discovered, it is also relatively unspoilt. What does it mean in practice? Well, the prices are low, the beer is excellent and the opportunities plenty. So book your flight now and let’s start putting together your Bratislava stag do!
Bratislava – called Blava by the locals – is the capital of Slovakia. Its history has been complicated and bloody but this is nothing original in this corner of the world. As a strategically important centre of the region nestled on the borders with Austria and Hungary, Bratislava has been influenced by many nations and religions throughout centuries. And you can feel the diversity and openness in the city today, even though Slovaks spent many decades behind the iron curtain. The freedom of speech, thought and love is more crucial for the people of Bratislava than ever.
I know that locating Bratislava on the map of Europe may be difficult for some of you but the map on your phone will certainly help. Now look up your flight and you will see that you can get from the UK to Blava in just over 2 hours. You will hardly manage to finish your overpriced beer on board of the plane!
Bratislava airport is not very far away from the city centre so the transfer will be quick and easy. But you are starting your epic stag do so why not kick it off in style? Bratislava offers the coolest airport transfers – limousines, party buses, lights, dance music, booze and strippers. Book today and raise to the challenge – with such a start the rest of the stag do has to be nothing short of mindblowing!
I know, I know – a museum crawl or a church visit might not be the first thing that comes to mind when thinking about your Bratislava stag do (if the church has not been converted into a night club), but here’s a list of easy to approach sites that you shouldn’t miss – or people will doubt that you have actually been here.
In the Main Square (Hlavné Námestie) you can go up the Old Town Hall and get an amazing view on the square and the Castle. From the Main Square climb the Castle hill and chillout on the top admiring the view. Do check out the Castle’s baroque garden for some unexpected pics for your social media (and mark the location when posting – now people will believe that you have visited).
From the Castle hill take the narrow cobblestone path to the Danube riverside. We could take you on a historical tour from there but frankly speaking, what we recommend most is a BOOZE CRUISE on the river. The choice is yours…
It is only four letters but they say it all – BEER. Slovaks have not bred composers or sports people that any Joe Doe could name but beer is what they make well and treat seriously. No jokes about beer if you want to survive! The art of brewing in Bratislava has many shades to it – you can try produce from microbreweries such as Zámocky Pivovar, Mestinasky Pivovar or Starosloviensky Pivovar or buy classics from the huge world-renowned producers such as Kaltenecker or Zlaty Bazant.
You will not be surprised that in Slovakia food is rated by how well it goes with beer. So be prepared for meat, cabbage and dumplings – and even more meat! Most likely you will not be able to read the names of the traditional dishes printed in the menus in Slovak so just order the Slovak plate up front. You will try many Slovak specialties and even though you will probably not be able to repeat their names ever again in your life, the memory of the culinary pleasure will stay with you for long.
Ok, you’ve had a few pints, you have eaten, now it’ time to hit the clubs! Nightlife is at the heart of Bratislava. Fortunately, the city centre in not too large and all of the venues worth visiting are concentrated within walking distance, which gives you a chance to experience the vibrance of Bratislava on foot. Our party guides will take you to the best pubs and strip clubs. Just stick to their advice and you will sail smoothly through the night.
When partying, you need a few essential phrases at hand to feel like a local. They will also be your best pickup lines for the gorgeous Slovak girls who literally melt when they hear foreigners try to say ANYTHING in their mother tongue. Try to remember the phrases or at least write them down:
Ahoj! – Hello!
Ako sa mas? – How are you?
Dakujem – Thanks
Jedno pivo, prosim. – One beer, please.
Dobre – good
Lubim Ta – I love you
Bratislava knows how to welcome its visitors – it offers accommodation at any price and any level of luxury (from a bunk bed in a common room in a cheap hostel to a grand suite at a deluxe boutique hotel). Things might get confusing when you try to look up your stay in a city you don’t know at all but we are here to help you at any point.

Hostels are located downtown, which means you can even crawl to them on your knees – points for location and price. Apartments are great for big groups and they will usually have a large fridge to cool down your beers – point for size.  Luxurious hotels don’t usually take stag groups but we know those who will so why not splurge? – points for quality and services. In Bratislava you can even sleep on the river – points for originality and unique experience. So pick and choose to make you stag do perfect. And see you in Blava!


Milenka also means LOVER in Slovak :O



Janka loves ice cream on Bratislava's Main square.


Gabi speaks fluent German and French and mostly takes care of our .de and .fr clients.



Another ice cream and coffee lover, Karolina will be happy to take you out dancing.

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