Hotels for Stag Weekends Events

Do You like to overpay? We think NOT. That's why we want to give you another freebie - best hotels in Poland for best prices.  We do not make any profit on this one - we do it, because we like to make your life easier.

Why overpay? The middlemen will always charge you more for a stag "package".  Be smart, don't be a tourist. You are still young and you know better!  Unlike your grandparents, book direct and pay local prices. Book your stag activities here - with a direct organiser and stag accomodation on airbnb, expedia (recommended) or booking. Save 60% easy. Yes.  It's that simple. 

Click below to choose a hotel, hostel, or apartment in Krakow, Warsaw, Gdansk, Sopot or Wroclaw