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  • bar guide krakow warsaw gdansk In Cart


    min. 7 pax
    bar guide krakow warsaw gdansk joanna


    • private pub crawl in Wroclaw Old Town
    • pick-up at your Wroclaw Hotel reception
    • 3 pubs +  table reservations
    • free vodka shot in each pub with first order
    • local english speaking female guide
    • rip-off tips that will save you time and money
  • limousine-wroclaw__3_ In Cart


    min. 8 pax
    limousine-wroclaw__1_ limousine-wroclaw__2_


    • Wroclaw Airport Limousine Transfer
    • meet & greet service
    • 1-hour long limousine rental
    • stylish chauffeur
    • bottle of bubbly
    • possibility to bring own alcohol and music on board
    • assistance of party guide
    • add stripper or two if needed
  • party_boat In Cart


    min. 10 pax
    party_boat_wroclaw party-boat-wrc

    PARTY BOAT - Wroclaw

    • 1 hour boat cruise in Wrocław with full service
    • stripper show (3 songs, approx. 15 min.)
    • well-stocked bar on board - friendly prices
    • you can have your own music - ability to connect phones via bluetooth
    • party guide
    • possibility of adding a second stripper and catering
    • you can bring your own alcohol and drinks (corkage fee)
  • party-bus-wroclaw In Cart




    • Party Bus Wroclaw Airport Transfer
    • meet & greet service
    • 1 hr rental of Party Bus
    • possibility to bring own alcohol and music on board
    • friendly staff
    • assistance of party guide
    • add stripper or two if needed
  • In Cart

    SHOOTING – AK-47

    min. 10 pax

    SHOOTING – AK-47 - Wroclaw

    • hotel/restaurant pick up
    • friendly english speaking female guide
    • private minibus transportation to and from the venue 
    • shooting range in Wroclaw
    • 65 shots from 7 types of firearms
    • all necessary equipment – ear muffs, safety glasses, safety pads, targets
    • briefing led by licensed instructors
    • shooting competition
    • memorial targets
    • medal ceremony


  • party-boat-cruise-wroclaw In Cart


    min. 10 pax
    party-cruise-wroclaw party-boat-wroclaw

    PARTY BOAT - Wroclaw

    • hotel pick-up
    • party boat rental for 1 hour
    • friendly guide
    • you can bring your own alcohol and music (CD, MP3, USB)
    • you can add a strip show for 590 PLN
    • you can add BBQ package for 89 PLN/person
    • additional hour + 890 PLN
  • In Cart


    min. 10 pax

    OIL WRESTLING - Wroclaw

    • VIP room in a trendy restaurant in Wroclaw
    • 3 beers per person
    • 3-round oil wrestling fight
    • final round with a chosen victim (optional)
    • special oil wrestling pool
    • female party guide
    • hotel pick up
  • steak-and-tits-dinner__4_ In Cart


    min. 8 pax
    stag-do-nightlife steak-and-tits-dinner__3_


    • hotel pick up
    • friendly female guide
    • reservation in a central Wroclaw restaurant
    • juicy beef steak + garnish
    • 2 rounds of beer each
    • strip show (about 15 mins)
  • In Cart



    DOMINATRIX - Wroclaw

    • Latex-wearing sexy dominatrix for total stag humiliaton
    • Cuffs, whip, mouthball, baton, leash and other top equipment 
    • 45-60 minutes of total humiliation
    • Friendly party guide
  • limousine-wroclaw__1_ In Cart


    min. 8 pax
    limousine-wroclaw__1_ limousine-wroclaw__2_

    LIMOUSINE + CLUB - Wroclaw

    • 1-hour long limousine rental in Wroclaw
    • pickup from a chosen location in Wrocław
    • stylish chauffeur
    • bottle of „champagne”
    • possibility to bring own alcohol and music on board
    • disco club entry passes
    • assistance of party event coordinator
    • add stripper or two if needed
  • party-bus-ride-wroclaw In Cart


    min. 10 pax

    PARTY BUS + CLUB - Wroclaw

    • hotel/restaurant pick up
    • friendly english speaking female guide
    • 1 hr rental of Party Bus in Wroclaw
    • sexy stripper (3 songs = about 15 mins)
    • You can bring own alcohol and music on board
    • friendly staff
    • add stripper or two if needed.
  • In Cart


    min. 8 pax

    PAINTBALL - Wroclaw

    • transportation in a comfortable mini bus
    • necessary  paintball equipment: gun, mask, safety uniform
    • short briefing
    • 200 bullets per person
    • refilling of HPA tanks
    • assistance of instructors
    • broad selection of scenarios
    • showering facilities
    • event coordinator on location
  • In Cart


    min. 10 pax


    • hotel/restaurant pick up
    • friendly english speaking female guide
    • transportation in a comfortable mini bus
    • rental of shooting range in Wroclaw
    • briefing on handling firearms led by licensed instructors
    • 30 shots from 4 types of firearms per person
    • all necessary equipment – ear muffs, safety glasses, safety pads
    • shooting competition
    • awards ceremony


  • In Cart


    min. 9 pax

    SHOOTING - Wroclaw

    • transportation
    • rental of shooting range in Wroclaw
    • 70 shots per person from 7 types of firearms
    • all necessary equipment – ear muffs, safety glasses, targets
    • professional instructors
    • shooting competition
    • medals and memorial targets
    • event coordinator


  • In Cart


    min. 10 pax


    • transportation
    • rental of shooting range in Wroclaw
    • 90 shots from 9 types of firearms
    • all necessary equipment – ear muffs and safety glasses
    • professional instructors
    • shooting competition
    • medals and memorial targets
    • event coordinator
  • sexy-dinner-stripper__3_ In Cart


    min. 8 pax
    sexy-dinner-stripper__2_ sexy-dinner-stripper__1_

    STRIP DINNER - Wroclaw

    • ​hotel/restaurant pick up
    • friendly female guides
    • reservation in a centrally located Wroclaw restaurant
    • filling polish chop dinner with garnish. 
    • 2 beers/person
    • strip show (circa 15 minutes)
  • In Cart


    min. 8 pax


    • hotel/ restaurant pick up
    • friendly female guide
    • 3 activities for the price of 2
    • limousine with stripper (long stretch limousine for 1 hour, stripper, cava)
    • dinner with stripper ( tasty polish meal + 2 beers each) 
    • VIP strip club entry + welcome drink
    • lounge reservation
  • dwarf-krk In Cart


    dwarf-krk dwarf-prank-krakow


    • the Dwarf prank in Wroclaw
    • 2 hours of laughter
    • friendly English speaking female guide (not dwarf)
  • bubble-football__1_ In Cart


    min. 8 pax
    bubble-football__2_ bubble-football__3_


    • 10 equipment sets (giant balls, knee shields) and 40-minute long technical support
    • rental of football field/indoor hall
    • friendly english speaking guide
    • 40 minutes crazy bubble football game
  • In Cart


    min. 8 pax

    GO-KARTS - Wroclaw

    • transportation in a comfortable mini bus
    • ca. 20 mins of karting in 6.5 hp go-karts
    • karting races at an indoor facility
    • awards ceremony (medals)
    • rental of karting circuit (650 m long)
    • event coordinator on location
  • In Cart


    min. 8 pax

    QUADS + BBQ - Wroclaw

    • transportation in a comfortable mini bus
    • rental of quad course and quads (350 cm3 Yamahas)
    • about 20-minute quad ride per person
    • professional briefing on quad riding techniques
    • assistance of qualified instructors
    • bonfire: sausage set – sausage, ketchup, mustard, bread
    • 2 x 0.5 l beer per person
    • event coordinator on location


  • In Cart


    min. 8 pax


    • hotel/restaurant pick up
    • friendly english speaking female guide
    • transportation in a comfortable mini bus
    • guns
    • interactive uniform
    • briefing on handling firearms
    • assistance of instructors
    • a selection of scenarios to choose from
  • In Cart


    min. 10 pax


    • 60-minute team building game in Wroclaw the aim of which is to find a way to escape from a room by cooperating within a group
    • event coordinator
  • In Cart


    min. 8 pax


    • hotel/restaurant pick up
    • private bar guide for your group only
    • friendly english speaking female guide
    • reservation at 2 pubs
    • 2 x free shot each with 1st order.
    • club entry passes
    • table reservation at the club
    • vodka booze package in the club (depending on group size)


  • klub-gogo-strip-club__2_ In Cart


    min. 8 pax
    klub-gogo-strip-club__3_ klub-gogo-strip-club__1_


    • hotel pick-up
    • VIP entrance to the best strip club in Wroclaw city centre
    • table reservation
    • 2 x 0,5l of vodka + 1l of soft drink in the club (more alcohol for bigger groups)
    • private lap dance for the Stag
    • friendly party guide
  • brewery-wroclaw__2_ In Cart


    min. 8 pax
    brewery-wroclaw__1_ brewery-wroclaw__4_

    BREWERY TOUR - Wroclaw

    • reservation in the best brewery in Wroclaw city centre 
    • brewery tour
    • beer workshop conducted by a professional brewer
    • starter: bread rolls with lard spread served in apple
    • fine dish for each: pork knuckle/fish/vegetarian meal
    • testers: selection of four types of beer (4 x 125 ml)
    • friendly guide
  • brewery In Cart


    min. 8 pax

    BREWERY DINNER - Wroclaw

    • Hotel pick up
    • Friendly female guide
    • 'Golonka' - superb polish specialty meat meal
    • 2 local freshly brewed beers
    • Table reservation
  • In Cart




    • friendly female guide
    • Hot maid strip show in your Wroclaw hotel/apartment 
    • 3 songs (about 15 mins).
  • bowling__1_ In Cart


    min. 10 pax

    BOWLING - Wroclaw

    • hotel/restaurant pick up
    • friendly english speaking female guide
    • 1 hour lane hire (for every group of 6)
    • central location
    • bowling shoes
    • 2 beers each
  • 17916534_1500224980030174_234340411_o In Cart


    min. 8 pax


    • friendly female guide
    • hotel/restaurant pick up
    • kidnappers + short ride in a kidnap car
    • strip club entry + table reservation for all
    • private dance for the Stag
    • welcome drink each
  • In Cart


    min. 8 pax


    • transportation
    • rental of the rally course
    • Subaru Impreza STI Type RA (300 hp)
    • 5 laps per person
    • event coordinator
  • In Cart


    min. 10 pax

    BOOZE CRUISE - Wroclaw

    • 1.5 hr long boat rental – cruise on the Oder
    • possibility to bring own alcohol / music on board
    • friendly local guide
    • max. 24 pax
    • strip show (3 songs about 15-20 mins)
  • In Cart


    min. 8 pax

    ROPES COURSE - Wroclaw

    • transportation in a comfortable mini bus
    • 18-obstacle ropes course
    • professional equipment – harness with safety rope, lunges, helmet
    • training conducted by experienced instructors
    • barbecue set for everyone – a grilled sausage, a grilled pork chop, roast potatoes, salad, ketchup, mustard, bread, 2 beers per person
    • event coordinator on location
  • In Cart


    min. 10 pax

    BODY SUSHI - Wroclaw

    • gorgeous Body Sushi Girl with 30 pieces of Wroclaw’s best sushi
    • VIP room for the feast
    • a separate sushi set for everyone – approx 10 pieces + sake
    • friendly event guide
  • In Cart


    min. 7 pax

    SPA - Wroclaw

    • hotel/restaurant pick up
    • friendly english speaking female guide
    • limitless access to the gym, swimming pool, jacuzzi, dry sauna with scented oils, steam sauna with aromatherapy, salt grotto
    • towels and robes service, fresh drinking water
    • possibility to choose something from a broad selection of cosmetic treatments – with preferential prices
  • In Cart



    STAG ARREST - Wroclaw

    • police raid conducted by 2 police-like actors
    • one plastic bag full of flour looking like coke
    • cuffs 
    • taking the arrested fellow by car from point A to point B
  • berta_rollypolly_czarwonica In Cart



    ROLY POLY DANCER - Wroclaw

    • Roly Poly dancer in Wroclaw
    • 15 minute show (3 songs)
    • lots of laughter
  • airport transfer In Cart


    min. 6 pax
    airport transfer


    • Transfer from Wroclaw Airport To Your Wroclaw Hotel
    • Pick up by a friendly female guide
    • Airport meet and greet service
    • Whole bus exclusively for your group
    • minimum 6, no maximum
    • need a stripper? add one or two..


1. Private Nightlife Tour
2. Stag AND Best Man go Free in 2024
3. XXX Limo Airport Transfer 
4. Oil Wrestling
5. Party Bus



Charming and laid back, Wroclaw is Poland's undiscovered gem. It might not be the first destination that comes to mind when you think “Poland” but it is as stylish as vibrant as its larger brothers and sisters. It will be an amazing choice for your stag do, with an Old Town where everything can be reached on foot, hipster pubs and cafes, as well as gourmet restaurants – and without crazy crowds of other, more popular destinations. When organizing your Wroclaw stag, you will surely tap into the local brewing scene (pun intended). Excellent affordable beer, both artisan and from large internationally acclaimed breweries, is a brand feature of the region.  Scroll down to learn more.

Welcome to Wroclaw: Your Ultimate Stag Do Destination

Planning an unforgettable stag weekend? Look no further than Wroclaw! Nestled on the Order river, Wroclaw is famous for its charming tenement houses and breathtaking gothic architecture.  Cheap airlines will fly you in (book early for ridiculously low flight prices) and in the city will offer a wide array or activities for daytime and night time fun. Partying on a shoe string or maybe you have just won a couple of millions? Whatever your budget, your Wroclaw stag weekend will be epic! First opportunity to save a couple of Euros – everything is close by, within walking distance, so you will save both money and time. In conclusion, Wroclaw is an unforgettable stag party destination. With its exciting activities, vibrant nightlife, and pretty low prices, you and your friends are guaranteed an epic week filled with adventure and memories. So pack your bags, gather your crew, and head for Wroclaw, Poland's ultimate party city! Cheers! 

Is Wroclaw Good for Stag Do?

Wrocław's a top-notch shout for a stag do, chaps, and here's 5 reasons why:

  1. Cracking Nightlife: Wrocław's got a proper buzzing nightlife scene with more pubs, bars, and clubs than you can shake a stick at. The Market Square and surrounding areas are prime spots for a right good knees-up.

  2. Fit Birds: Let's be honest, you'll find some proper lookers in Wrocław. The locals are a sight for sore eyes, but remember to keep it classy and be a gent.

  3. Bang for Your Buck: Poland's a winner for offering top-notch quality without rinsing your wallet. You'll get more bang for your buck when it comes to food, bevies, and entertainment.

  4. Cultural Kick: Wrocław's steeped in history and the architecture's a sight to behold. Take a gander during the day - it's just as mint as the nightlife.

  5. Easy Peasy: Getting to Wrocław's a doddle, whether you're coming from other parts of the UK or flying in from abroad. It's dead handy for all the lads to get together.

Just remember, blokes, to keep it all above board and be mindful of the locals. Nobody likes a rowdy lot causing a ruckus. In 2020's Wroclaw has gained immense popularity among stag groups due to its fantastic blend of culture, adventure, and nightlife. With its affordable prices, lively atmosphere, and friendly locals, Wroclaw guarantees an unforgettable stag experience without breaking the bank. Moreover, the city's compact size makes it easy to navigate, allowing you to explore various attractions and venues without wasting precious time. So why Wroclaw? Thanks to its lovely atmosphere, awesome cuisine and budget-friendly pubs, Wroclaw will exceed the expectations of anyone planning an epic stag do in this part of Europe, whether it’s in the summer or winter months.

Wroclaw, Poland is a vibrant and exciting city that offers an array of activities and attractions perfect for an epic stag week. From thrilling adventures to bustling nightlife, Wroclaw has it all. In this comprehensive travel guide, we'll provide you with the essential information to plan an unforgettable stag party in Wroclaw, ensuring maximum fun and unforgettable memories for the groom-to-be and his friends.

Nightlife and Entertainment

When the sun sets, Wroclaw comes alive with its vibrant nightlife scene. The city boasts an incredible selection of bars, pubs, clubs, and live music venues. Here are some top spots for an unforgettable night out:

  • Market Square: The heart of Wroclaw's nightlife, this bustling square is home to numerous bars and clubs where you can dance the night away.
  • Pub Crawls: Join a guided pub crawl to discover the best drinking spots in the city and make new friends along the way.
  • VIP Club Packages: Treat the groom-to-be like a true VIP with exclusive club packages, including skip-the-line entry and reserved tables.
  • Live Music Venues: Enjoy live performances by local bands and international artists in Wroclaw's vibrant music venues.

Stag-friendly Accommodation Options in Wroclaw

Wroclaw offers a wide range of accommodation options to suit all budgets and preferences. From luxury hotels to budget-friendly hostels, you'll find something that meets your needs. Consider staying near the city center or Market Square for easy access to the main attractions and nightlife venues.

When it comes to stag-friendly hotel options in Wroclaw, you'll find a variety of choices that cater to groups of friends looking to have a great time. Here are some stag-friendly accommodation options to consider in Wroclaw:

  1. Party Hostels: Wroclaw offers several hostels that are known for their vibrant atmosphere and social events, making them ideal for stag groups. These hostels often have shared dormitory-style rooms or private rooms to accommodate different group sizes. They may also provide common areas, bars, and organized activities, creating opportunities to meet fellow travelers and enjoy a lively atmosphere.

  2. Serviced Apartments: Renting a serviced apartment can be a great option for stag groups, as it provides more privacy and space compared to traditional hotel rooms. Apartments typically come with multiple bedrooms, a living area, and a kitchenette or full kitchen, allowing your group to socialize and relax together. You can find serviced apartments in various locations throughout Wroclaw, including the city center and popular neighborhoods.

  3. Budget Hotels: Wroclaw has a range of budget hotels that offer comfortable accommodations at affordable prices. Look for hotels that offer triple or quadruple rooms, as these can be suitable for stag groups. Some budget hotels may also have amenities such as a bar or lounge area, where you can gather with your friends before heading out for the night.

  4. Boutique Hotels: If you're looking for a more stylish and upscale option, consider boutique hotels in Wroclaw. These hotels often have unique designs, trendy interiors, and a personalized approach to hospitality. Look for hotels that offer larger rooms or suites that can comfortably accommodate your stag group.

  5. Apartment Rentals: Another option to consider is renting an entire apartment or multiple apartments through platforms like Airbnb or Vrbo. This gives you the freedom to have your own space and plan activities according to your preferences. Make sure to check the property rules to ensure it allows stag or bachelor parties.

When booking stag-friendly accommodation, it's important to consider the property's policies regarding group bookings and noise restrictions. It's always a good idea to communicate with the accommodation provider beforehand to ensure they are suitable for stag groups and to avoid any misunderstandings during your stay.

Remember to book your accommodation in Wroclaw well in advance, especially if you're planning to visit during peak travel seasons or weekends, as availability can be limited.

Getting Around Wroclaw

Wroclaw has a well-connected public transportation system, including trams and buses, making it easy to explore the city. Alternatively, you can rent bicycles or scooters for a fun and eco-friendly way to get around.

Getting around Wroclaw is relatively easy and convenient, thanks to its well-connected public transportation system and other transportation options. Here are the different modes of transportation available in Wroclaw:

Public Transportation:

  • Trams: Wroclaw has an extensive tram network that covers the city and its outskirts. Trams are a popular mode of transportation as they provide easy access to various parts of Wroclaw. Tram lines are numbered, and schedules are available at tram stops and online.
  • Buses: Wroclaw also has a comprehensive bus network that complements the tram system. Buses operate on various routes, including those that cover areas not served by trams. Bus schedules and route information can be found at bus stops and online. 
Ride-Sharing and Taxis:
  • Ride-Sharing Apps: Popular ride-sharing apps like Uber and Bolt operate in Wroclaw. You can conveniently request a ride using these apps and get picked up from your desired location. It's a convenient option for shorter trips or when you prefer door-to-door service.
  • Taxis: Taxis are readily available throughout Wroclaw. You can either hail a taxi from the street or find taxi stands in popular areas. It's advisable to use licensed taxis and ensure the meter is running to avoid any discrepancies in fares.

Bicycles and Scooters:

  • City Bikes: Wroclaw has a public bike-sharing system called WRM Bike. You can rent bicycles from various stations throughout the city, ride them to your destination, and drop them off at any other station. It's a great option for short trips and exploring the city on two wheels.
  • Electric Scooters: Electric scooters, such as those offered by companies like Lime or Bird, are available for rent in Wroclaw. These scooters can be found parked around the city, and you can unlock them using a smartphone app. They provide a convenient and eco-friendly way to get around.


  • Wroclaw is a pedestrian-friendly city, and many of its attractions are within walking distance of each other, especially in the city center. Walking allows you to explore the city at your own pace, discover hidden gems, and enjoy the charming streets and architecture.

It's worth noting that public transportation operates on schedules, so it's advisable to check the timetables in advance to plan your journeys accordingly. Additionally, purchasing tickets or travel cards is required for using trams and buses, and these can be obtained from ticket machines, kiosks, or online.​

Is Wroclaw safe?

Wroclaw is one of the safest stag weekend destinations in Poland, you will not come across any dangerous situations even at night but always stay together and have your hotel address written down somewhere in case you get lost on your way back from the party.  Below are a few rip-off tips – keep them in mind and no situation will surprise you.
1. Use apps such Uber for your transfers, avoid taxis, especially those who wait at the airport or at the hotel. They are usually the most expensive and it may happen that the driver takes the scenic route, while you stay oblivious and pay through the nose. Like in every big city, some taxi drivers are honest and some others will try to rip you off. If you do need to order a taxi, check the shortest way online and ask the hotel reception to order the taxi in a trustworthy corporation. The receptionist should also know the average rate for your ride.
2. Pass all the clubs that have marketers outside inviting you in, no entry fee involved. They are usually dingy venues that will earn their money on you anyways – by selling watered down drinks or some other scam. In the end a party at a selected well-known club that charges for entry will be more value for money.
3. Strip clubs:
- Watch out for your wallets.
- Pay cash, never use your credit or debit cards.
- Check and accept your drink price before you order.
- Don’t get wasted.
- Leave immediately if you feel the situation is getting fishy or someone from your group suddenly feels unwell (a drug might have been added to your drink).
When planning your pub crawl, it is a good idea to check the internet for recommendations on the best and safest venues. Even the thought of all the hassle tires you? Asking a local event agency such as ours to organize the stag do for you will be money well spent. We will take you on a PRIVATE PUB CRAWL, show you the best pubs and clubs in Wroclaw and give you rip-off tips about local attractions and where to go so as not to come back with an empty credit card.  

Practical tips - When in Wroclaw, do as Wroclawians do

1. Only cross the street at marked pedestrian crossings. Crossing the street at other points is not only dangerous but also illegal in Poland – the police gives high fines for this offense.
2. Toilet signs might be confusing – remember it’s a triangle for men’s toilet and a circle for women’s toilet.
3. If you need PLNs in cash, pay the money out from cash machines. If you need to exchange cash from your currency, choose small private currency exchange points in the city centre rather than those at the airport or at your hotel who will have the worst rates.
4. Service is not usually added to the bill in restaurants so if you like the service, leave tips in cash. 10% of the total amount is acceptable.

A hell of a time is guaranteed in Wroclaw! Party in the daylight, party at night – Wroclaw is a perfect destination for your epic stag do. Choose our services for a hassle-free party – you arrive and everything is ready for you. With us organising a stag weekend abroad has never been easier. Let’s stay in touch and see you in Wroclaw!

2 reasons to book your Wroclaw stag weekend direct with



We are the biggest stag do organiser in Wroclaw. Whoever you will book your stag with, chances are high it will be us operating your group as we work with many international stag agencies in Wroclaw.
Booking direct and skipping the middleman can offer several advantages when planning your travel, including the following:

  1. Cost Savings: When you book directly you can often find exclusive deals and promotions that are not available through third-party booking websites. By cutting out the middleman, you can avoid extra fees and commissions that are typically added by online stag agencies.

  2. Direct Communication: Booking directly allows you to communicate directly with the service provider, giving you the opportunity to ask questions, make special requests, and receive personalized assistance. This direct communication can lead to a smoother booking process and a better overall experience.

  3. Flexibility and Customization: When you book directly, you may have more flexibility in customizing your travel arrangements. For example, you may be able to request specific food preferences, or make changes to your itinerary more easily. Working directly with the service provider gives you more control over your travel plans.

  4. Loyalty Programs and Rewards: provides exclusive benefits and rewards to our direct customers. By booking directly, you can take advantage of these programs, earn points, and enjoy perks such as STAG AND BEST MAN GO FREE, free spots at activities, limo upgrades, complimentary services, freebies and discounted rates in the future... just to mention a few.

  5. Direct Support and Assistance: If any issues or changes arise with your booking, having a direct relationship with the service provider can make it easier to resolve problems. You can reach out to our customer service directly for immediate assistance, instead of relying on a third party to act as an intermediary. The opposite is true with most international middlemen - each of your questions goes to sales person, then to Destination Manager, than to us and then .. all the same way back to you.

  6. Accurate Information: Sometimes, information on third-party booking websites may be outdated or inaccurate. By booking directly, you can ensure that you have the most up-to-date and accurate information about your travel arrangements, including availability, pricing, and policies.

While third-party booking websites can be convenient for comparing prices and options, booking direct can often provide you with better deals, more control over your arrangements, and a higher level of customer service. So, whenever possible, consider booking directly with stag activity providers  like to enjoy these benefits and a more personalized travel experience.



We know it is not easy to handle a large group of lads. Now, for a limited time only, you and the Stag go for free.
-  initial non-obligation booking is enough.
-  applies to groups over 12 ppl.
-  if you need more time and book now for less that 12 people and add people later, discount will still apply.
-  it works like this:  12 pax - you pay for 12, 13 pax - you pay for 12, 14pax - you pay for 12. 15 pax - you pay  for 13,  16 pax - for 14 and so on...
  1. No small print, no extra fees/taxes.
  2. Friendly female guides included.
  3. Hotel pickup.
  4. Stag and Best Man go free over 12 pax
  5. No deposit to book dates.
  6. 17+ years experience.
  7. Own operations in Wroclaw.
  8. Book direct = 30% cheaper.
  9. Dedicated local teams.
  10. Secure online payments.
  11. Online prices - no quotes.
  12. Freebies to groups over 12 pax.
  13. 24/7 assistance 
  14. No cancellation fees
  15. Easily change number of people

Wroclaw Airport Transfers (WRO)

First thing you need to sort is a reliable and fun Transfer from Wroclaw Airport. There is one international airport in Wroclaw (IATA code: WRO). It is located about 30 minutes away from Wroclaw City Centre. We recommend the following options for groups of 6 or more. All include free meet and greet service and all can be upgraded with onboard stripper / sexy hitchhiker performance: Party Bus Wroclaw Airport Transfer
Strip Limousine Wroclaw Airport Transfer 
Private Minibus Wroclaw Airport Transfer 
Complimentary meet and greet guide airport pickup service is included in all limousine & party bus packages. ( Our guide will wait for you with a board at arrivals) . You can cancel at any time before deposit payment at no charge. You can easily change the number of people in your party. We only need a small deposit to secure your booking. The rest is paid on the spot upon meeting your friendly guide at the airport or hotel reception. Add a reliable phone call availability, non-stop event manager’s on-the-spot assistance, friendly english speaking female guides, fast replies to emails, secure credit card online payments..and much more.  Your booking with us is as easy as it gets. 

Wroclaw -  Know BEFORE You Go

Wroclaw has a beautiful Old Town with plenty of pubs and places to eat and awesome nightlife.  However, it's not easy to find Wroclaw's best hidden gems. It IS easy to end up in one of many tourist ripoff spots that will waste your precious evening and ruin your experience. Internet is full of "polish club scams" stories that cost people quite a lot of money, stress and trouble.  We strongly recommend to book ( at least for the first night out) a private  (no other males involved) Wroclaw Pub Crawl. Local Knowledge, and local guides in your party, are necessary to make your weekend fun and safe - so you can relax, have fun and not worry. A few simple tips such as "Never use your credit card in a strip club" might save you thousands of Euros. Internet is full of "polish club scams" stories that cost people quite a lot of money, stress and trouble.  15 EUR/ person or so is definitely worth it. Not to mention our female guides are pretty, supernice, and speak fluent english, deutsch and francaise.

We offer a lot of weekend activities in Wroclaw. However, an important thing to be aware of is that availability is very limited in high season ( April to September). Therefore, we strongly recommend to book e.g. Wroclaw AK 47 shooting, Wroclaw shooting package, and other popular activities like Wroclaw Party Boat or Oil Wrestling well in advance. 

Trying to put your plan together is making you hit the roof? Pick and choose our deals for a no-stress epic Wroclaw stag do! What about craft beer tasting in a pub with its own mini-brewery – BREWERY TOUR? Or the best pubs and clubs in our NIGHTLIFE TOUR deal? We throw in assistance of our super friendly party guide who lives locally and knows everything about Wroclaw vibrant night life. She knows best which venues are IN this season! She will take you to Wroclaw's best shooting range  or Wroclaw Quad Biking. If your mates could use some jazzed-up fun to take their minds off everyday stuff, book Wroclaw Brewery Tour,  or clubbing in Wroclaw's best venues. Choose one or more options, make a placeholder for a specific date and leave the rest in our hands.
“It was the best weekend ever! Everyone’s happy, even our cranky bachelor. ;) Beata, our guide, was excellent in her role – we were quite a large group and she controlled us like a sheep dog. I will recommend you to the future stags. See you next time!” Andrew, Party Bus + Nightlife, Wroclaw


She is thinking for two, working for three, and eating for half. A perfect employee, Ewa is always full of enthusiasm, oves donuts with custard and hot summer afternoons.


She is an optimist and excellent dancer. Lena is an independent girl who loves her dog the most. Privately a big fan of whole foods.


A lover of mountains and spending time actively. She loves to change people for better, using her natural bright smile.



Karolina is a huge fan of city breaks. A specialist on Wroclaw nightlife, often spends weekends in our other cities too. 

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