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Here is a truly COMMUNIST STYLE SIGHTSEEING. Stand in for a ticket, and take a ride back in time onboard our iconic "Cucumber" – an old-school commie bus. The bus can take 41 people onboard, so You might pay as little as 78 PLN ( about 17 EUR) each. You gain twice – as we always make the 200% out of a state-regulated activity standard. You need to think like a Warsaw dodger, you see.
You have 2,5 hours to check if communism was really about equality or maybe some were more equal than others. The tour will cover the 4 decades of communist-era Poland. The grey 50’s,and 60’s, Gierek’s bright success propaganda era, and finally the late falling empire’s 80’s
We will start by checking if the Palace of Culture and Science, actually supports the heavens or not. Then – on to the communist district of Warsaw – the Constitution Square to appreciate the architecture of socialist realism. From there we arrive at the Communist party house to check if the red heart of the Communism is still beating. Finally, we visit the Muranow district to see how "the whole nation is rebuilding their capital."
Our famous communist-era event wouldn’t be so famous if it wasn’t for our perky, disguised in a climate of age guide who will bring you to the realities of the Warsaw days of communism. The guide - a typical Warsaw dodger, will provide plenty humorous anecdotes and curiosities. Among others, he will tell you what was the favorite food of Comrade Gomulka, does the underground tunnel that used to connect the party house with the Palace of Culture really exist, where the communist regime members had their usual shot of vodka.

There will be not that much walking so don't worry about your capitalist bourgeois feet too much. Our cult "cucumber" will pickyou up from anywhere in Warsaw and will drive the address designated. Just like in the old times -  feel free to take your own food/ alcohol and drinks onboard.

Price includes

  • 3 hours exclusive trip (only your group) 
  • 41 seater communist bus /w driver
  • guide - a local dodger - dressed in communist era clothing
  • pick up from any place in Warsaw
  • 200% of standard capitalist norm.
  • bottle of vodka

Extras (optional)

199 PLN/extra

2 eco - tarts with delivery to a chosen location included. Choose from: banana-coconut Rafaello, apricot-banana-dates, apple-pie, brownie, znickers. All vegan, o sugar, no gluten, raw-food. 6 solid pieces per tart. 

590 PLN/extra

Two undercover 'cops' will arrest a chosen victim for drug possession, sexual harassment or for any other fake charge You can come up with etc. Handcuffs, and final shot included. Performed as a joke. Time: about 10 minutes.

250 PLN/person
min. 6 pax
It can get expensive in a strip joint. Plan your expenses wisely and enjoy the all-inclusive GoGo Open Bar. Vodka, Whisky, Tequila, Gin, Wine, Beer, Soft Drinks. Entry fee, table and guide included.

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