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Relaxing Massage in Warsaw in your hotel room. 20 professional massage therapists can cater for any group size in a reasonable amount of time before you hit the streets of Warsaw. Each massage therapists comes with a portable massage table and a set of own equipment so You basically do not need to have anything ready on your side.

You can choose a male or female masseuse but please keep in mind it's a classic body massage. We do not offer tantra or any other 'stimulating' massage techniques.

The hotel massage takes about 60 minutes. With plenty of masseuses available, we can service the group of 6 - 10 people in 1 hour depending on availability.  You won't find this time-saving option anywhere else in Warsaw. Enjoy! 

Price includes

  • 60 minut massage per person in your hotel room
  • qualified massage therapists ( most english-speaking)
  • professional equipment ( massage tables, oils, etc)
  • friendly guide

Extras (optional)

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