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Have you ever dreamed of being as free as a bird? Fly up without the risk usually inflicted by traditional air sports and have the best of times in an indoor air tunnel.

At the very start, before entering the tunnel you will go through a short briefing and will be given all necessary equipment – a suit, helmet and goggles.

Each of you will enter the air chamber with a professional instructor. In the chamber the 310km/h vertical air stream will let you experience the same sensations as during a parachute jump. Just enter the chamber and lie down on the air stream. One indoor flight is an equivalent of skydiving from the altitude of 3000 m. All through the flight your body works intensively – you will discover muscles you never knew existed.

The instructor will make sure your flight is stable and safe – he will correct your body positions and help you move with the air in any direction. The steering is wholly dependent on your muscle power so the skydiving experience is a healthy endorphins-boosting physical activity for people of all ages.

The air chamber is 17 m high and has a diameter of 4.5 m – it enables free flights as high as 15 metres. The speed of the air stream is adjusted individually for each participant depending on body weight, height and experience. Beginners start with speeds between 150 km/h and 200 km/h. The air streams generated by special machinery assure stable conditions allowing the sensation identical of skydiving after jumping off a plane.

Every participant will be able to enjoy two exciting flights, 1.5 minutes each.

Price includes

  • briefing by licensed instructors
  • 2 instructor-supported flights in the air tunnel – each lasting about 1.5 minutes
  • necessary equipment – suit, helmet, goggles
  • possibility to fly up as high as 15 metres

Extras (optional)

890 PLN/extra

Spice up your day activity on board of our Party MiniBus. Small print: Return transfer (2 ways) - max 14 people in Warsaw and max 8 people in Gdansk). One way - half price. Ask us special offer on party bus airport transfer.

590 PLN/extra
Our Top Prank.  Old-school Communist - Era Polish Police officer will stop, search, put cuffs on and take to the police station. Time: about 15 mins.

105 PLN/person
min. 8 people
Add a one-way limo transfer (hummer, chrysler or similar) to the activity from your hotel or any address within city limits. Female guide & sparkling wine included. Takes about 1 hour. No rush.

160 PLN/person
min. 8 people
Two-way (return)  stretch limousine transfer (hummer, chrysler or similar) to your day activity from your hotel or any address within city limits. Female guide included. The more of you, the longer the limo. Minimum 8 pax. Enjoy!

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