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Looking for a 1-day team building in Warsaw (Warszawa). One click away:
Two meals, english speaking guides, return transport in a comfortable bus and numerous teambuilding activities incliuding offroad, quads and paintballing

Exmaple activities:

Transfer from your hotel to the pictoresque venue in the suburbs of Warsaw: 45 minutes

Snack upon arrival:
Traditional polish soup, ice water+ lemon, mint, coffee, salt sticks. 

Team building:
You will be divided into teams and, depending on the size of your group,  will be doing 7-10 of the following team building activities. The exact amount and chice will be determined by mail after You make the initial booking before You pay the initial payment. No worries :

1. Quad water rescue
Precision driving on 4x4 quads. 

2. Offroad patrol
Team activity - getting that offroad car out of the mud.

3. Paintballing
Precision shooting and control test

4. "The Swamp" 
Classic teambuilding game - get through the artificial "swamp" - connection, creativity, team work.

5. The stampede
Another classic teambuilding game. Lots of fun and challenge. A slalom of 3 grown-ups in a huge stampede tape competing with other similar teams.

6. Anti-bike
Turning right- it turns left - The success will depend on your team's communication skills.

7. The Huge Stilts Game

Team-building Competition on giant stilts

8. The net 
It requires a well-built team to win the net game. Avoid a giant spider and get to the other side of the rope "net" without touching it 

8. The plumber
Your team 's task is to connect the plumbing devices into one perfectly working pipe, through which the liquid will be transported. Who spills the least? Who does it the fastest?

9. Mega Jenga
You must know the "Jenga" - Imagine it's mega verison - a 2 metre tower of wooden bricks. Team work at its finest. Precision, accuracy, working under pressure.  

10. Alcogoogle
Wearing Alcogoogle, You need to score a hockey-like goal with a help of your team. It's not easy. It's a lot of fun and it's one more classic team-building thing.

11. Ski competition
5 people on 1 ski set at the same time? It needs a lot of cooperation to make this work...

All this lasts about 3-4 hours
Bathrooms and showers available. Take own towels.
Dinner: bbq grill/open fire:
Example manu: Baked potatoes, meat in honey-sesame sauce , variety mix of traditional polish sausages, wings, spicy thighs, marinated bacon, eggs mayo, read, cheese plate, meat plate, pickles, greek salad, fresh veggies, non-alcoholic drinks.  

Later upon request ( no charge)
- classic games: tabu/ jenga

Price includes

  • convenient return transportation
  • team-building activities
  • event coordinators/ english speaking guides ( min 2)
  • snack/soup
  • grill/open fire + meal
  • unique surroundings - lake, gazebo, beautiful scenery near Warsaw
  • recommended for classic team-building events

Extras (optional)

590 PLN/extra

Two undercover 'cops' will arrest a chosen victim for drug possession, sexual harassment or for any other fake charge You can come up with etc. Handcuffs, and final shot included. Performed as a joke. Time: about 10 minutes.

35 PLN/person
min. 6 pax
Why waste time on Sunday at the airport after check-out at 10:00 in the morning, if you can do something fun instead. Do something fun on your way to the airport. EXAMPLE: 10:00 Hotel checkout and minibus pickup for shooting. 10:20-12:00 Live ammo shooting  13:00 - You are at the airport (surcharge for Modlin/Katowice).

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