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Budapest - AIRSOFT

Unlimited and full loaded! Real life counter strike at its best! 
You and the lads love it all, Modern Warfare, Counter Strike, Call of duty. Why not try it in real life? 
Firing guns on your Budapest stag trip is usually reserved for hardcore action with a piece of native totty but there are exceptions to the rule. Airsoft Assault Shooting is a fantastic way to fire high powered and illegal ‘balls that sting’ weapons simply for the hell of it.
Featuring genuine auto machine guns, this is unimaginable back home in the UK.
Additional Information: 
The special place where the airsoft battle takes place, have been built so it can serve as a training facility for military, police and other agencies.  Extra care where applied to enhance the experinece so many sound and visual elements are present to add to the adrenaline rush you will experience while playing against your mates. 
The owners themselves are all top blokes with more than 10 years of experience coming from both military and police background. 
Now, prepare your team, select your mission, cock and load your guns and get ready to rumble.

Price includes

  • Safety Gear.
  • Gun Hire & UNLIMITED AMMO. 
  • Private Return Bus Transfers. 
  • Local Guide. 

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