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AK-47 Kalashnikov shooting range in Poznan, our party guide, comfortable transportation, short training workout, professional instructors and all equipment necessary for shooting.

Included in the package are as many as 45 shots per person from 4 types of firearms (15 shots from 9 mm Glock, 10 shots from 5.6 mm, sports pistol, 15 shots from AK-47 Kalashnikov, 5 shots from a rifle). Add to that professional instructors, a training workout on handling firearms, shooting competitions, all necessary equipment (ear muffs, safety glasses, safety pads and shooting targets that you will take home afterwards) and comfortable transportation to and from location (within city limits).

As usual our party guide will make sure that your event goes according to plan so that you and your mates don’t need to worry about anything but the best fun. 

For obvious reasons, Kalashnikov shooting range in Poznan requires all guests to be as sober as a judge.

Price includes

  • reservation at the Kalashnikov shooting range in Poznan
  • 45 shots from 4 types of firearms 
  • all necessary equipment
  • licenced instructors 
  • shooting competitions
  • memorial shooting targets 
  • friendly female party guide 
  • transportation to and from location 

Extras (optional)

690 PLN/extra

Our playboy-style stripper(s) will hop on the bus/limo to give you an extraordinary show (circa 15 mins - 3 songs).  Top quality! Guaranteed.

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