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Demolishing someone else's car with impunity is an extremely cleansing process. Do you have problem makers in your group? After this car demolition activity, they will be calm as lambs and no stupid ideas will come to their mind in the evening. 

At the beginning, the instructor will tell you what safety rules should be followed. You will then receive goggles, gloves, a helmet and tools for destruction (baseball bats, an ax and a club). Before the destruction itself, you can spray the car as you like and whatever you want and take a picture of yourselves in the process.

There is a snack bar in the neighborhood where you can refresh yourself with a draft beer. The total number of people is limited for safety reasons and the car must never be destroyed by two people at the same time, so you will take turns.

We recommend comfortable, preferably older clothes and solid footwear - but you can rent a jumpsuit on site for approx. 100 CZK.

Price includes

  • Pickup from your hotel.
  • Party guide.
  • Transport by MHD public transport to the demolition site.
  • A car to be destroyed.
  • Instructors.
  • Demoliton equipment.
  • Helmet, goggles and gloves.

Extras (optional)

550 PLN/extra
A georgeous Czech top lap dancer. Or two. Or three?

1100 PLN/extra
Get your guy arrested by the fake czech police - search, cuffs, and a hot strip show to top it up. Prague's weekend top seller. Takes about 35 mins.

550 PLN/extra
Make your transfer a bit spicy and add a hot strip show to your "wheels" . Takes about 15-20 mins

400 PLN/extra
  A  0,7 bottle of real champagne - Moët et Chandon or similar from the Champagne Region

149 PLN/person
min. 7 pax
Entrance passes to the best club in town + table reservation + english speaking female guide who will pick you up from hotel reception + one drink per person. 

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