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Clubbing in Poznan lets you experience all the best the city has to offer – it is a perfect recipe for a grand stag night. Pub, go-go club and music club with the assistance of our party guide. 

Before you go clubbing, start the night with a few sips of booze at a trendy pub (welcome shot included in the price). Then hop to the best strip club in Poznan to watch hot go-go strippers and finish the night off at a top music club full of mini-skirts and good bounce. 

All tickets are included in the price, which means no stressful negotiations with bouncers at the entrance. Add to this a booth reservation at the gogo club and a beer at the pub. Everything covered so that you can relax with your mates. Leave all the details to be handled by our lovely party guides.

All the clubs are located close to one another, no need to order taxis. Poznan clubbing is organized downtown.

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Price includes

  • female party guide
  • table booking at the pub
  • welcome shot at the pub
  • tickets to go-go club + booth reservation
  • 1 beer per person at the pub
  • entrance tickets to the club
  • all venues located in the very centre of Poznan

Extras (optional)

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