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Prague's Fake Bride is not only the best prank in Prague, but also a top prank idea being copied throughout ur other european weekend destinations. Highly recommended for any kind of lads getaway trip - stag weekend, business trip or a city break. 

Just imagine the face of your hangovered friend, who discovers in the morning that last night he married a stripper from the local bar ? 
Fake bride will arrive with a packed suitcase, ready to leave back to your country to look for a better future with her new husband.
Strip show is of course the final part of the program. 
It works best if all of you guys play along so better get everyone informed but the victim.

Order the show in your apartments, hotel room, private event or as part of an activity. 

We recommend to book well in advance. The fake bride in Prague is a top selling and popular prank.

Price includes

  • Top Prague prank - the fake bride
  • Hotel or Your choice of location
  • Final strip show of the fake bride
  • Wedding cerificate
  • Bride's luggage already packed and ready to fly

Extras (optional)

550 PLN/extra
A georgeous Czech top lap dancer. Or two. Or three?

1100 PLN/extra
Get your guy arrested by the fake czech police - search, cuffs, and a hot strip show to top it up. Prague's weekend top seller. Takes about 35 mins.

149 PLN/person
min. 7 pax
Entrance passes to the best club in town + table reservation + english speaking female guide who will pick you up from hotel reception + one drink per person. 

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