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An all-inclusive gift for stag night in PoznanSHOOTING RANGE + LIMOUSINE + NIGHTLIFE. Our best-selling options all together at an even better package price. You order more hype activities and pay less. What is not to like?  

Imagine this scenario: a minibus with a friendly female party guide picks you up from the location of your choice and takes you to a shooting range. Military instructors, 4 types of firearms, over 40 shots, live ammunition, targets taken home as souvenirs. Then you are picked up from the shooting range by a luxurious limousine with a sexy stripper on board. You cruise around Poznan for one hour and then start a crawl through the best nigh life spots Poznan has to offer. All entrance tickets are included in the price and you get a vodka shot in a pub and a beer in a go-go club. This package is totally loaded!

Nothing better than this rocking idea for a gift for stag night in Poznan!

Price includes

  • shooting range – 44 shots from 4 types of firearms per person
  • transportation to shooting range 
  • 1-hour-long limousine ride
  • go-go stripper + strip show in limousine (3 songs, ca. 15 minutes)
  • Poznan nightlife – pub, go-go club with a table booking, music club tickets 
  • friendly female party guide

Extras (optional)

590 PLN/extra

Our playboy-style stripper(s) will hop on the bus/limo to give you an extraordinary show (circa 15 mins - 3 songs).  Top quality! Guaranteed.

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