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A company event from the Communist times. First, the big city dangers will find you – your boss will be kidnapped at the House of the Party. Fortunately, all the comrades will be soon reunited at the Central Railway Station and the group will be able to start experiencing the Socialist Pub Trail of Warsaw. Try the best spirits and the nibbles approved by the Polish United Workers' Party.

On the way you will have a number of communist- era tasks to tackle, such as exchanging the sugar stamp for vodka in a coffee bar, reading out a Communist speech from the honorary stands, reconstruction of the Łazienki tract (where you will find a bottle of vodka) and finding hints at the Constitution Square.

We will visit a number of socialist pubs, a worker at the Constitution Square will show you the one and only way, while the lady at the milk bar will scold you for losing your numbered ticket.

We provide transportation in the truest Communist style – we will pick you up with a Nysa Transporter and the friendly guide will make 200% of the norm in 3 hours! You are allowed to take your own alcohol on board or let us take care of it – simply choose „booze package” from the extras listed below.

* The Nysa was a van with characteristic rounded body lines produced in the town of Nysa, Poland from 1958 until 1994. Find more info here.
** Milk bar („Bar mleczny” in Polish) – a form of cafeteria, largely popular during the Communist times in Poland, serving cheap meals subsidized by the state. More info to be found here.


Price includes

  • kidnapping of a chosen vicim
  • transport in a Nysa Transporter (the car at your disposal for 3 hours)
  • young friendly guide
  • special tasks for participants
  • 2 bottles of vodka (one on board and one found)
  • possibility to take own alcohol on board of the Nysa Transporter

Extras (optional)

99 PLN/person
min. 10 pax

Entrance passes to the best club in town + table reservation + english speaking female guide  who will pick you up from hotel reception + 50 PLN per person to spend at the bar on booze of your choice. True Bargain!

60 PLN/person
min. 8 pax

No waiting in lines. VIP entrance passes + lounge reservation + beer/welcome drink/shot for everyone in a top, safe, centrally located gogo bar.  An English speaking female guide will escort you there. 

590 PLN/extra
Our Top Prank.  Old-school Communist - Era Polish Police officer will stop, search, put cuffs on and take to the police station. Time: about 15 mins.

190 PLN/person
min. 8 pax
Two-way stretch limousine transfer (hummer, chrysler or similar) to your day activity from your hotel or any address within city limits. Female guide included. The more of you, the longer the limo. Minimum 8 pax. Enjoy!

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