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Check out midget arrest in Krakow - our exclusive top prank.  Our midget actor dressed in police uniform, will suddenly arrest a chosen unsuspecting victim from your group, cuff him, search him and beat him with a stick.  

This takes about 10 minutes and is done during your bar guide ( aka Krakow Pub Crawl)  activity in one of the pubs (see below). If you are looking to further humiliate your friend, the midget may spend 2 hours handcuffed to him - in a toilet, during activity,  in a pub / club / strip club  - you name it.  (in such case we'll cover entrance fees for the midget) - click here for more details : dwarf prank in Krakow. This one also works best as part of bar guide activity.

For security and logistic reasons, we can only do this activity as a part of a bar guide activity. Hence, the price here is per person and includes a bar guide for 4 hours, a visit to best local bars (2-4) and a shot in each,  VIP club entry fee and a welcome shot each ( worth  25 EUR/person alone if you go on your own) 

The midget arrest in Krakow is very popular, especially on Saturday evenings, so we recommend you book in advance.

Price includes

  • the midget ARREST prank in Krakow
  • 10 minutes of laughter
  • friendly english speaking female guide
  • bar guide for 4 hours
  • free shot in each visited pub (2-4)
  • club VIP entry fee
  • welcome shot in a club

Extras (optional)

60 PLN/person
min. 8 people

No waiting in lines. VIP entrance passes + lounge reservation + beer/welcome drink/shot for everyone in a top, safe, centrally located gogo bar.  An English speaking female guide will escort you there. 

40 PLN/person
min. 6 people
Did you know you people usually need to wait for over 30 mins in line just to enter any central club in Krakow? Skip the lines and save some precious time with our local female guide. Entry fees included. 

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