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Mini paintball tank battle in Budapest is the new craze making its wave across the country. Paintball guns are mounted on these one man mini tanks. 2 vs 2 games are available. If you or the stag are fans of world of tanks, chances are you will love this modern wargame. Receive a quick introduction on how to operate these tank-like beast and let the battle begin.
Additional play time and bullets can be added on for extra cost. Located a short drive from the centre of Budapest, we even got you covered with private bus transfer to and from the arena.
The activity starts with a briefing of the rules and the know how on how to operate your minitanks.  You will then practice some rounds around obstacles on a plain field. Then let the games begin! 
Classic capture the flag scenario where each teams have to steel the enemy team's flag. You can shoot at each other of course and once you have been hit, you will be called back to the starting zone. And dont worry, if you run out of bullets one of the judges can refill them for you (for small extra cost) or you can certainly continue the battle without ammo. 
Specs of the beasts: 
Weight: 500 kg
Lenght: 2,1 m
Width:   1,1 m
Hight:    1,2 m
500ccm Briggs& Sratton one cylinder for strokes engine with air coolant.  Stick operated. Steel structure, joystick operated mean machines. 

Price includes

  • 4 tanks available at the time. 
  • 1 beer at the end. 
  • 100 bullets each. 
  • 15 minute tank battle for each. 
  • Return Private Bus Transfer. 
  • Local guide.

Extras (optional)

800 PLN/extra
Hot strip show (about 20 mins) by World's Top Strippers, some of whom you might know from the Hub movies. Seriously. A must-have.

850 PLN/extra
Rolly Show XXL - 300 pounds of hot flesh. Works best combined with 1 or 2 regular dancers and stag blindfolded. Unforgettable.

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