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The stag arrest prank in Wroclaw is a great way to start a big night. 2 undercover 'officers' will arrest and cuff him and te him for an arrest ride of a lifetime. Car is included. Any reason will do – mobbing, narcotics, possession of illegal currencires, causing an accident, posing social danger ...but usually a bag of coke in the back of his pants works best to scare the ....out of him.

Stag arrest works best with a night activity invoving a pub. Then' it's in a pub that this takes place. Street can too be done but is less safe as the real police can join in and then, well, the prank's finished.

Price includes

  • police raid conducted by 2 police-like actors
  • one plastic bag full of flour looking like coke
  • cuffs 
  • taking the arrested fellow by car from point A to point B

Extras (optional)

69 PLN/person
min. 8 pax

No waiting in lines. VIP entrance passes + lounge reservation + beer/welcome drink/shot for everyone in a top, safe, centrally located gogo bar.  An English speaking female guide will escort you there. 

99 PLN/person
min. 8 pax
Club entry fee, table reservation, welcome drink + guide.

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