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An exclusive offer for you – the stag night package in Poznan. NIGHT AT THE CASINO + NIGHTLIFE 10% off! Pub, chips and drinks at the casino, booking at a go-go club and entrance tickets to a music club!

The stag night package opens with a quick pop to a pub in downtown Poznan, a few sips of booze to warm the night up (welcome shot for each guest included in the price). Then you will move to the best Casino in downtown Poznan where you will get 40 PLN worth of chips and 2 drinks/beers per head, plus all the thrill of betting action. When you break the bank, you will celebrate with beauties from the go-go club that we will take you to. I can bet (pun intended!) you will never forget this night!

All the venues are located in downtown Poznan in walking range from one another. In the last club you can stay as long as you like, even if it means until dawn. Choosing the stag night package in Poznan will book you fun for the whole night. 

As usual, you will be accompanied by our party guide so that your minds are only occupied with all the package has to offer. 

* Only people carrying photo IDs are allowed to enter the Casino.

Price includes

  • table booking at the pub
  • welcome shot for each guest at the pub
  • entry passes to the Casino
  • 40 PLN worth of chips per person
  • 2 drinks/beers per person at the Casino
  • entry tickets and table reservation at the go-go club
  • 1 beer per person at the go-go club
  • tickets to music club
  • all the visited venues are located in the very centre of Poznan

Extras (optional)

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