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Why settle for steak and chips every night when you're in Budapest? You're here to embark on a unique and memorable experience. Prepare yourself for an exciting evening filled with Hungarian beer and a traditional dish that will leave you satisfied. Our centrally located restaurant serves as the perfect starting point for your adventure. Meet your guide in the vibrant city center, where the energy is high and the possibilities are endless. Embrace the opportunity to try something new and immerse yourself in the rich culinary heritage of Budapest, creating memories that will last a lifetime. Get ready for a night filled with delicious food, refreshing beer, and the vibrant atmosphere of the city. Additionally, this venue offers a great opportunity to incorporate some stag pranks, adding an extra layer of entertainment to your evening. Whether it's the XXXL StripperShow, a fake police arrest, a strip show, a domina show, or other options, you have various choices to enhance the stag experience.

Price includes

  • Traditional Hungarian Meal 
  • 2 beers 
  • Welcome shot  
  • Friendly Local Guide 

Extras (optional)

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