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Prague - BEER BIKE

The beer bike in Prague is a unique beer - friendly event combined with light physical activity and sightseeing of the Prague city centre. Riding a beer bike is a Prague bachelor party classic. 

Onboard you will find a bar, unlimited draft beer, music and night lights. The driver and the bar staff (included) also take part in the ride, so not one of you party animals has to play the thankless role of a sober driver.

Our beer bike can accommodate 8-16 people. We have more bikes on offer for larger groups.

Price includes

  • Pickup from your hotel in Prague.
  • Party guide.
  • Transport to the site by public transport MHD.
  • Exclusive Beer bike ride for 1.5 hours.
  • Unlimited beer consumption.
  • Sober bike driver.
  • Bartender.

Extras (optional)

1100 PLN/extra
Get your guy arrested by the fake czech police - search, cuffs, and a hot strip show to top it up. Prague's weekend top seller. Takes about 35 mins.

149 PLN/person
min. 7 pax
Entrance passes to the best club in town + table reservation + english speaking female guide who will pick you up from hotel reception + one drink per person. 

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