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Would you like to tackle your need for speed on a dusty trail? Do you want to boost your adrenaline levels and race your colleagues? And most importantly – are you keen on great fun? Do not worry about blazing sun or slanting rain – with our cross karts you forget reality around you and see only the finishing line.

At your disposal there is an off-road trail, 2 double buggies (cross karts) with 150 cm3 engines. Each of you will give your best on the trail during two rounds, 8 minutes each. Sounds short? We ensure you will be knackered anyways. Usually 8 minutes is enough to exhaust a person but we give you a double dose of the pleasure.

The outdoor trail is professionally adjusted for cross karting and our instructors are ready to help any minute, they see to the fun being safe and give you a detailed briefing before you take off. However, we need to warn you – this is a high-adrenaline pastime in which the risk of rollovers is very big.

We will pick you up with a comfortable mini bus from a location in Warsaw of your choice (company offices, conference centre, etc.) and will drop you off anywhere you like. Transportation within Warsaw’s city limits in included in the package, to go beyond the city you will need to pay extra.

After the cross carting thrills you will surely want to grab a bite. See to it beforehand and pre-order “catering” or vegan catering”. All extra options are listed below.

Price includes

  • transportation in a comfortable mini bus
  • two eight-minute rides for each of you
  • trail rental
  • detailed briefing carried out by professional instructors
  • 2 double buggies (cross karts) with 150 cm3 engines
  • balaclavas
  • friendly guide

Extras (optional)

79 PLN/person
min. 10 pax

Barbecue - 2 sausages (white and classic), pork chop, blood sausage, chicken leg, roast potato, 2 salads, ketchup, mustard.

590 PLN/extra

Our playboy-style stripper(s) will hop on the bus/limo to give you an extraordinary show (circa 15 mins - 3 songs).  Top quality! Guaranteed.

590 PLN/extra
Our Top Prank.  Old-school Communist - Era Polish Police officer will stop, search, put cuffs on and take to the police station. Time: about 15 mins.

110 PLN/person
min. 8 pax
Add a one-way limo transfer (hummer, chrysler or similar) to the activity from your hotel or any address within city limits. Female guide & sparkling wine included. Takes about 1 hour. No rush.

190 PLN/person
min. 8 pax
Two-way stretch limousine transfer (hummer, chrysler or similar) to your day activity from your hotel or any address within city limits. Female guide included. The more of you, the longer the limo. Minimum 8 pax. Enjoy!

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