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Have you ever heard of the Six-Year Plan? Today you are going to complete it in 4 hours! Not possible, you think? With us anything is possible and anything can happen. Put on your flared trousers and jump in! We are taking you to the most famous Socialist sites in Warsaw – Constitution Square, the Palace of Culture and Science, the Red Hog Inn, a milk bar and other sites that will make you want to visit Warsaw over and over again.

Our friendly guide will share intriguing stories from an era that only seems long back and will show you the most exciting sites – so get ready for some walking.

Included in the package are: all entry passes, a snack and shot of vodka in a Socialist-era pub, lunch at a milk bar, hundreds of thrilling stories, booze-breaks and flexible event programme.

We will pick you up with a comfortable mini bus from a spot of your choice (office, restaurant, etc.) and then drop you off after the event. Transportation within Warsaw’s city limits is included in the package, to be dropped off outside of Warsaw you will need to pay extra.

* Milk bar („Bar mleczny” in Polish) – a form of cafeteria, largely popular during the Communist times in Poland, serving cheap meals subsidized by the state. More info to be found here.

Price includes

  • transportation in a comfortable mini bus
  • passes to all visited sites
  • shot in a cult pub
  • friendly licensed city guide
  • lunch at a milk bar

Extras (optional)

590 PLN/extra
Our Top Prank.  Old-school Communist - Era Polish Police officer will stop, search, put cuffs on and take to the police station. Time: about 15 mins.

110 PLN/person
min. 8 pax
Add a one-way limo transfer (hummer, chrysler or similar) to the activity from your hotel or any address within city limits. Female guide & sparkling wine included. Takes about 1 hour. No rush.

190 PLN/person
min. 8 pax
Two-way stretch limousine transfer (hummer, chrysler or similar) to your day activity from your hotel or any address within city limits. Female guide included. The more of you, the longer the limo. Minimum 8 pax. Enjoy!

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