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Check out our superfunny dwarf prank in Wroclaw. Police officer Midget is suddenly handcuffed to a chosen victim from your party. Midget prank is our Wroclaw bestseller.  

Dressed in a police uniform, the dwarf will spend 2 hours with your poor friend. Going to toilet, sleeping in one bed, going to a pub / club / strip club  - you name it.  

The dwarf prank in Wroclaw is in constant demand, so if you think cuffing your friend to a crazy polish police dwarf while in Wroclaw is a good idea, make sure you book well in advance.

Works best with Wroclaw Pub Crawl

Price includes

  • the Dwarf prank in Wroclaw
  • 2 hours of laughter
  • friendly English speaking female guide (not dwarf)

Extras (optional)

690 PLN/extra
Sexy Dominatrix armed with handcuffs, lance, gag, etc., will take care of the Stag/Boss/whoever you want for 20 minutes. Total humiliation for him, and for you - total fun!

39 PLN/person
min. 7 pax
Entry passes to a top night club in town + English speaking guide who will escort you there.

39 PLN/person
min. 7 pax
Entrance passes + lounge reservation in a top, safe, centrally located gogo club + an English speaking female guide who will escort you there.

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