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Lesbian show in Poznan – only the sexiest go-go strippers and assistance of our amazing party guide. Better have a bucket of ice-cold water at hand as we guarantee that after our lesbian show you will certainly need it!

Two hottest and most dazzling strippers in town will put on a show just for you. You guessed it right – there will be lots of hot sexy action between them! They will make your dreams come true. You have never dreamt about this? Come on, we will never believe it! :)

Each of the girls will perform one song solo and then they will put on a sexy show for the duration of two songs together. You can also suggest a different plan, if you wish. 

Lesbian show in Poznan will be organized in your suite, apartment or pub/club booked by your group (the venue needs to have a separate room available for the show).

Price includes

  • lesbian show in Poznan – two strippers show in suite, apartment or pub/club of your choice (condition: a separate room available) 
  • friendly female party guide

Extras (optional)

590 PLN/extra

Our playboy-style stripper(s) will hop on the bus/limo to give you an extraordinary show (circa 15 mins - 3 songs).  Top quality! Guaranteed.

20 PLN/person
min. 7 pax
Entry passes to a top night club in town + English speaking guide who will escort you there.

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