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Stag arrest in Poznan, a shot of vodka to relax after the encounter with officers, two actors playing police and loads of laughter at the stag throughout the adventure. ;)

The arrest can be arranged on suspicion of drug possession, animal pornography or causing a car crash. Total humiliation! Sample scenario: in a pub two 'police officers' in civilian clothes approach your table. They flash their badges and make everybody from the group stand at the wall. It is the anti-drug unit, they have received insider information and need to search each of you. Somehow they find a little bag with white powder in one of the pockets of the stag’s jeans. The stag turns white with terror as they handcuff him and start pushing him out from the pub to the police car to take him to the headquarters for interrogation.

Stop! They are heading away from the table but not to the police car – the 'police officers' take the stag to the bar to drink a shot of Polish vodka. This evening will leave the stag with memories for a lifetime!

Stag arrest in Poznan works best paired with another activity such as Dinner with Stripper or Poznan NightLife. In such case the arrest takes place at the location of the main activity. If you choose only arrest option, make sure you let know the pub or club manager about the planned fake arrest so that no-one gets edgy with an unexpected turn of events.  

Price includes

  • fictional stag arrest in Poznan
  • 2 'police' actors in action
  • bribe for the pub manager 
  • shot of vodka for the stag

Extras (optional)

20 PLN/person
min. 7 pax
Entry passes to a top night club in town + English speaking guide who will escort you there.

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